Top 10 Party Resorts in Punta Cana

Review our top 10 list of the best party resorts in Punta Cana.


Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic's crown jewel, is more than just palm trees and turquoise waters. It's a haven for sun-kissed revelers seeking an unforgettable Caribbean escape, pulsating with vibrant nightlife and electrifying parties. But with so many resorts vying for your attention, choosing the perfect party pad is your first step toward success. This ultimate guide unveils the top 10 party resorts in Punta Cana, guaranteed to make your vacation a non-stop celebration.

Punta Cana Party Resorts Ranking:

  1. RIU Republica
  2. Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa
  3. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana
  4. Royalton CHIC Punta Cana (Autograph Collection)
  5. Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe
  6. Majestic Mirage
  7. Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar
  8. Paradisus Punta Cana Resort
  9. Be Live Collection Punta Cana
  10. Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

10. Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

Tortuga Bay Punta Cana Pool

Average price per night: $1302

Key Features

  • All-inclusive
  • Eco-luxury resort
  • Treehouse-inspired suites
  • 6 luxury/upscale restaurants
  • 24 hour room service
  • Access to secluded Playa Grande beach
  • AAA Five Diamond Award

Tortuga Bay Punta Cana Resort & Club doesn’t have your typical Punta Cana party scene, but it sure knows how to throw a sophisticated soirée under the stars. Ditch the neon lights and thumping bass for live music and DJ sets at The Club at La Cantina del Mar, where the ocean breeze mingles with infectious rhythms. Savor handcrafted cocktails at The Apiary, boasting an impressive rum selection that'll tempt even the most discerning palate. Themed nights like Dominican Fiesta and White Soiree add a touch of playful elegance, all within a stunning eco-conscious setting. It's not about all-night ragers, but about savoring the moment, dancing under the Caribbean sky, and indulging in refined revelry that lingers long after the last note fades. If you seek a unique and sophisticated party experience that blends seamlessly with nature's beauty, Tortuga Bay offers an unforgettable escape for those who appreciate the finer things, even when they're letting loose.

9. Be Live Collection Punta Cana

Be Live Collection Punta Cana Pool

Average nightly rate: $97

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive
  • Adults only
  • Swim-up access rooms available
  • Kayaking + paddleboarding available for guests
  • Themed nights (Carribean night, Neon party, etc.)
  • Budget-friendly

While not the flashiest resort in Punta Cana, Be Live Collection packs a punch in the party department for budget-conscious revelers. Shake it until sunrise at the on-site disco, pulsing with electrifying music and themed nights like Caribbean beats and neon-drenched revelry. Fuel your dance sessions with endless cocktails at various bars and lounges, all included in your stay. The lively atmosphere extends beyond the disco, with daytime poolside parties and animation teams keeping the energy high. Sure, it might not have the VIP bottle service of other resorts, but Be Live Collection delivers an infectious party vibe without breaking the bank, making it a top choice for budget-savvy partygoers seeking an unforgettable Punta Cana escape.

8. Paradisus Punta Cana Resort

Paradisus Punta Cana Resort Pool

Average nightly rate: $382

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive
  • 6 gourmet buffets + 13 restaurants
  • Balinese beds + chaise lounges
  • The Roof (open-air nightclub)
  • Skyline Bar & Disco (dance floor with panoramic views)
  • Unlimited access to non-motorized water sports, tennis courts, etc.

Paradisus Punta Cana Resort offers a luxurious beachfront escape in Punta Cana, blending world-class amenities, personalized service, and an electrifying nightlife scene. Immerse yourself in the legendary RIU Party's infectious beats at The Roof, complete with stunning ocean views. Groove to renowned DJs at the pulsating Skyline Bar & Disco, or find your VIP haven at the intimate XY Disco. Live music, themed nights, and endless cocktails at stylish bars keep the energy soaring all night. This isn't just a party resort, it's a playground for sophisticated revelers who crave luxury, vibrant energy, and lasting memories. Paradise by day, party haven by night.

7. Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar

Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar Punta Cana Party

Average nightly rate: $303

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive resort
  • Buffet includes authentic Dominican food
  • Family-friendly kids clubs and teen clubs
  • Swim-up bars + infinity pool + water park
  • Weekly theme nights + special events
  • Direct access to Bavaro Beach

While Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar isn't solely focused on partying, it does offer some aspects that make it an attractive option for those seeking an upscale party experience in Punta Cana. Live music venues showcase diverse genres like jazz and pop, providing a more refined alternative to traditional clubbing music. Hosted themed nights like Cabaret and White Night add a touch of elegance and spectacle to the nightlife scene.

6. Majestic Mirage

Majestic Mirage Punta Cana Pool Party

Average nightly rate: $509

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive resort
  • Adults-only section + family section
  • Large lazy-river style pool layout
  • Exclusive suites with butler service + private jacuzzis
  • Multiple nightclubs (Eclipse + Club Liquid)

Majestic Mirage is a resort in Punta Cana that is less “college spring break” and more of a sophisticated and upscale party experience. The resort offers swim-up suites, private terraces, and romantic dining options for couples seeking a luxurious and intimate party experience. Guests here also have access to top-shelf liquors and gourmet dining options alongside casual buffets. If you’re looking for a more rowdy and youthful atmosphere, other resorts may be a better fit.

5. Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

Barcelo Bavaro Palace Punta Cana Pool

Average nightly rate: $602

Key Features:

  • Disco Cathedral (open-air nightclub with light shows)
  • Themed bars (Bar del Sol, Barracuda, etc.)
  • Family-friendly water slides and splash zones
  • 5 themed pools + swim-up bar
  • Close proximity to Dolphin Explorer

At Barcelo Bavaro Palace, you’ll dive into the electrifying Disco Cathedral with its sky-high ceilings and dazzling lights, sip cocktails at themed bars with infectious rhythms, and groove to live music that spans genres. This sprawling resort is family-friendly with a little bit of everything for everyone. Unwind with luxurious spa treatments in the day while the kids run wild by the pool. When the kids are ready for bed, join the pulsating beats and vibrant energy that make Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe one of Punta Cana's top party destinations.

4. Royalton CHIC Punta Cana (Autograph Collection)

Royalton CHIC Punta Cana Pool Party

Average nightly rate: $553

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive package available
  • Modern design rooms with ocean views
  • Swim-up suites and private terraces available
  • Themed party days (Neon Party, Moulin Rouge Soirée, etc.)
  • Diamond club amenities (butler service, private beach area, etc.)
  • Fully equipped gym + yoga classes
  • Top-shelf liquor and signature cocktails available
  • 24-hour room service

The Royalton CHIC Punta Cana Resort is the place to be if you want to avoid the “college spring break” feel of cheap rooms and booze. This property offers a more upscale, adults-only party atmosphere with fun themed nights that come with a touch of elegant flair. Guests seeking an elevated luxury experience should consider joining the Diamond Club where guests have access to a personalized butler, complimentary in-suite wine and fruits, complimentary aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, and more!

Note: This property is an Autograph Collection property (part of Marriott International). Marriott Elite members may consider this resort as they can spend or earn additional Bonvoy points at this resort.

3. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana Pool Party

Average nightly rate: $398

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive resort
  • Poolside foam parties and club sessions
  • Largest casino in the Caribbean
  • Music lab experience
  • Concerts and live performances
  • 9 restaurants + interactive dining experience (extra $150 per person)
  • 23 bars + themed Bars (KISS, Nirvana, etc.)
  • 13 pools + 4 swim-up bars + waterslides
  • All rooms & suites include hydro spa tubs, minibars, and 24-hour room service

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana is consistently ranked as one of the top party resorts in the Caribbean, and for good reason. From pulsating nightclubs like Oro Club and Club Eclipse to themed bars like Nirvana and Bar Rocko, the party doesn't stop until sunrise. Think live music, world-renowned DJs, and electrifying dance floors. Amp up the adrenaline with poolside foam parties, get your groove on at the swim-up bars, and catch live concerts by renowned artists and tribute bands.

2. Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa

Breathless Punta Cana Pool Party

Average nightly rate: $493

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive resort
  • Adult-only resort and spa
  • Themed parties (Electric Glow Party, Neon Splash Bash, Foam Pool Party, etc.)
  • Prime location on Bavaro Beach
  • 3 main pool areas + multiple swim-up bars
  • Recently renovated rooms

Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa is more than just a pretty face on Bavaro Beach. It's a playground for adults seeking a luxurious escape infused with non-stop energy and electrifying nightlife. Dive into the infinity pool's foam parties and electrifying beats, dance till dawn at one of the multiple themed nightclubs, and unwind with yoga or a day at the Pevonia Spa. The stunning setting, energetic vibe, and diverse entertainment options come together to create a truly unique and unforgettable vacation experience.

1. RIU Republic

RIU Punta Cana Pink Party

Average nightly rate: $290

Key Features:

  • All-inclusive adults resort
  • Iconic RIU party
  • 4 themed parties (white party, pink party, neon party, and jungle party)
  • Prime Bavaro Beach location
  • Live music venues + themed bars
  • Unlimited cocktails

While claiming undisputed "best" is subjective, RIU Republica undeniably reigns supreme for wild, 24/7 party vibes in Punta Cana. Boasting non-stop poolside bashes, legendary RIU Parties, and electrifying nightclubs with renowned DJs, it's an adrenaline-pumping paradise for young adults seeking uninhibited fun. Theme nights, live music, and unlimited cocktails fuel the nonstop energy, all within the carefree haven of an all-inclusive package. So, if you crave pulsating beats, spontaneous adventures, and a youthful spirit, RIU Republica is your Punta Cana party playground.

Bonus Tip: Remember, the "best" party resort depends on your individual preferences. Consider factors like budget, desired atmosphere, type of entertainment, and age restrictions before making your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best time of year to visit Punta Cana for partying?

Punta Cana is a year-round destination, but the peak season for parties is generally from December to April, when the weather is warm and sunny. However, some resorts have vibrant nightlife year-round.

Are there any dress code restrictions at the nightclubs and bars?

Dress codes vary depending on the resort and venue. Most nightclubs and bars have a smart casual dress code, while some upscale establishments might require dressier attire. It's always best to check with the resort beforehand.

What are some of the popular themed nights and events at these resorts?

Popular themed nights include neon parties, white parties, Dominican fiestas, Moulin Rouge soirées, and beach parties. Many resorts also host live music events, DJ sets, and poolside bashes.

Are these resorts all adults-only?

No, not all of them. While some cater specifically to adults, others are family-friendly with dedicated party zones and entertainment options for all ages. Check the resort's age restrictions before booking.

What are some other things to do in Punta Cana besides partying?

Punta Cana offers a variety of activities beyond nightlife, including water sports, golfing, exploring local culture, visiting natural attractions, and relaxing on the beach.

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